Inaugural Meeting on 26 September 1992

Report of the Inaugural Meeting as printed in The Journal of the Postal Stationery Society, Issue No 1, published February 1993

This was held on 26.9.92 at the Union Jack Club, London. Nine members were present. It was decided that auctions would be preferable to exchange packets, owing to high postal costs for the latter. It was agreed to hold two meetings per year, normally in early Spring and early Autumn. There were already about 40 paid-up members. The following elections were made:–

Chairman - A.K. Huggins
Secretary - D. Taylor Smith
Editor - P.J. van Gelder
Midlands rep. - J. Barker (Solihull)
Northern rep. - A. Whitworth (Kendal)

It was left to the Secretary to find members to fill the positions of Treasurer and Auction Organiser. (N.B. Since that meeting we have acquired a Treasurer (S. Barkley) and an Auction Organiser (A. Chilton).)

Six members then gave short talks/displays:-

J. Barker - Pictorial reply cards of Germany, Austria, Argentine, Portugal, etc.
A. Chilton - South African pictorial card errors
W. de Moor - Netherlands
A.K. Huggins - Early Sweden
D. Taylor Smith - Japanese wrappers & formula cards
P.J. van Gelder - New South Wales Centennial, 1888