Aerogrammes of Nigeria 1948 to 2000

Aerogrammes of Nigeria 1948 to 2000,
by Ray Harris based on original work by Graeme Murray

In late 1948 stamp imprinted air letters were introduced in Nigeria for overseas mail, followed in 1949 by domestic air letters. The aerogrammes were redesigned from time to time to keep up with changing airmail rates and new designs of definitive stamps until the mid-1990s. In the early 1990s postage rates went up more quickly than aerogrammes were issued, so there are several types of surcharge. As much as possible of what is known about Nigerian aerogrammes with imprinted stamps is included in this monograph, including some varieties and plate variations not previously listed, and notes of the known specimens and proofs. Three formula aerogrammes issued specifically for Nigeria are also included. Detailed measurements are provided in an appendix, and all items are illustrated. Scarcity is recorded based on the experience of the author and other WASC members.

ISBN 978-1-905647-18-7, a 72 page monograph with card covers, fully illustrated in colour, published February 2016.

from the May 2016 issue of the Postal Stationery Society Journal